About me


  • M.A. Conference Interpreting
  • B.A. Technical Translation
  • State-certified translator with emphasis on Economics
  • Sworn translator for German into English and Spanish
  • Trilingual upbringing and education


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Johanna González

Are you looking for a professional interpreter or translator? Then you have come to the right place!

I am based in Nuremberg, but work as an interpreter and translator for German, Spanish, and English all over the country and also abroad.

Born in Bamberg, Germany, I grew up speaking three languages in Costa Rica in a German-American family.

With this background rooted in cultural diversity, language acquisition and practice, I effortlessly switch back and forth between the three languages.

Being able to move naturally within the three cultures, I know the barriers that foreign language can create and how to overcome them. My intuitive grasp of languages and my skills as a native speaker are complemented by professional experience and a high level of qualification.

As your reliable partner, I support you in your international endeavors.